About Us


Who & What is Zem Media?

Zem Media is more than just a company that provides an end-to-end digital signage solution. The core of what Zem Media is about is providing you with the means to present a dynamic digital message to your audience.

Zem Media has Created the EASY WAY to Bring Digital Signage to Your Business

Zem Media customers are provided with the tools needed to efficiently and effectively convey their marketing message. Industry professionals have described the Zem Media Content Management System as: “One of the easiest, if not the easiest to operate, Content Management Systems on the market today!”

Zem Media was born from a need to display digital content on ATM screens. If it can be done on the ATM screen (take into account all of the financial related regulations) then clearly it is an even easier proposition to make it happen on a separately standing or wall mounted digital display.

Zem Media decided to bring this solution to businesses large and small. If you need one single display for your business or thousands of screens distributed over thousands of worldwide locations, Zem Media has a digital signage solution for you.

Ease of Use

The Zem Media difference is that it is EASY TO USE.  Within minutes Zem Media customers master the software and have gained the skills to publish their digital sign playlist.

The Zem Media Philosophy

A key tenet of the Zem design is that we have taken all needs of the customer into account. We have looked at what the end-user needs to efficiently and effectively manage their content. These needs have been examined from all directions--in essence from all dimensions.

Traditionally, the world has looked at things in two dimensions with the X-coordinate measured along the East-West axis and the Y-coordinate measured along the North-South axis. In 3-D modeling, we also use the Z-coordinate and the Z-coordinate measures height or elevation.

Bringing the Z-coordinate—that 3rd dimension--into our development philosophy is what we refer to as the ZEM DIFFERENCE.