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Zem Media Print Menu

In some industries, a menu can be overly volatile. This creates challenges for a business that wants to print a daily menu for their customers. In the case of one such customer in Nevada, Zem Media had already produced an auto updated "digital" menu display. So the question was asked, "Can Zem Media provide a printable version?" The…
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Now Interfacing with Adilas POS Platform!

We Are Proud to Announce Our Successful Interface to Adilas POS Platform Why Automate? THE ISSUE:  Some industries have very volatile menus where inventory can evaporate in minutes as well as introduce new items. This type of constant, ever changing inventory levels, can make your digital menu display difficult and challenging to manage.  To stay on top of…
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Tips and Tricks

Make Static .jpg Files Look Like Video A great way to utilize the power of your Digital Marketing is to introduce parts of your message across multiple slides. If you time your slides correctly, you can achieve an almost video like playback. Here’s a quick rundown of how I did this across a 15 second message sequence:…
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Create Content With Zem!

More Templates Added! Zem Media would like to announce additional content has been added to our Create Content Tool. Please feel free to use these templates (found under the Create Content Tab) in your presentations. If you have any questions or would like additional training on using the Create Content Tool, please contact us at 1-844-804-1395.  
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Zem Media Interfaces to new POS system

The challenge: Large volatile menu boards where stock is constantly being introduced or runs out.  The Solution:  Direct interface to POS API.  Our customer would spend large amounts of time with dedicated staff to constantly update menu items for their in-house digital displays.  After investigating their POS system and determining that the POS system had…
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Live Calendar Display

Zem Media is proud to announce the introduction of it's latest dynamic product, "Calendar Display."  With this product you have the ability to upload events or image files to make up any day of the year using a simple two column spreadsheet. The Calendar updates itself every day, highlighting the current day event.  Combine this with Zem Media's…
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