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Content Creation Tool

Zem Media Releases the new Content Creation Tool Now you can create artwork through Zem Media's Content Management system using Zem Media's Content Creation Tool.  This tool allows users to quickly assmble content for imidiate delivery to the playlist. Zem media will also have a library of layout ideas for you to choose from.  Use Ideas from…
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Dynamic Menu Updates

Programmers to the rescue! Zem Media's managed service was responsible for updating 47 signs across two locations in Nevada.  The challenge was that the Items on the menu were often changing in price, item, and availability.  The size of the inventory would grow as well.   The original concept called for 10 portrait menus, all to be…
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Increase Sales

INCREASE SALES.  INCREASE PRODUCT AWARENESS. GET ATTENTION! We've seen it happen. Customers have reported up to a 20% increase in sales on items sold directly related to their Zem Digital Sign. In some cases, items that were once overlooked were noticeably sold during what was once thought of as off or slow seasons. Zem Media can help your business…
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Zem Media introduces Layered Playback

The Zem Media Portal along with the Zem Media Player are "Experience-Designed" and “Purpose-Built” to meet these requirements. Nearly two decades of digital media and content management experience has given us the "Real World" experience allowing us to optimize effective content delivery and media display methods. Our unique management system allows the end-user to easily send content…
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Content, Content and More Content!

Should you need that special attention, Zem Media has a wide variety of Professional Services that will be sure to effectively capitilize you digital signage needs. Brand consulting and development Brand guidelines and identity for individual projects Custom Content Creation Custom video avatars and video spots Marketing and template creation to make future content creation easy When…
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Standard Zem Player

Zem Standard Player Great Marketing Possibilities Our Standard Player is built upon proven, reliable technology from Shuttle USA. All of our Zem Players use a PULL System which means, should your business lose internet connectivity, your Zem Player will continue to run as scheduled. The Zem Player has many fail-overs built into the programming to insure…
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