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Use Emotion in Your Marketing Strategy

Businesses and marketers might have you believe that consumers make purchasing decisions based on rational and logical thought. The truth is, according to a study by people rely more on their emotions when making a purchase. The most common emotions people use to make shopping decisions are: Happiness, Sadness, Anger/Disgust and Afraid/Surprised. As a…
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Effective Marketing Tip

5 Words or Less!  4 Steps! 3 Seconds! The 5-4-3 rule is a great way to gauge the amount of information you place on a single marketing screen when targeting open groups that may only get to see your digital content in passing. A common problem with many first time digital sign users is to oversaturate…
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Digital Marketing

Save time and money while capturing the attention of your targeted audience Download Zem Information TODAY- ADVERTISING & MARKETING DILEMMA Two issues that face any modern company in getting out product and service information: 1. The ability of the staff to utilize modern technology and, 2. The delivery method in which to get the message…
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