Content Management System

Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS)

Is key to ongoing successful marketing campaigns. Our solution is based on years of managing digital billboards and ATM fleets where marketing content constantly needed to be changed.  In designing our product several key elements needed to be satisfied:

  • Ease of changing content
  • Ease of scheduling content
  • Quickly schedule content across multiple days
  • Ease of arranging playback
  • Ease of combining video with static elements
  • New users able to quickly understand and use interface
  • Ease of managing hardware
  • Ease of install and setup

Many of the above items would seem pretty obvious, however, in our experience in using competitive products, simple tasks like uploading a single marketing piece and scheduling across multiple days, would sometimes be difficult even to an experienced user.

The Zem Portal

The Zem Portal (Zem Medias' Content Management System) was built to address all the above and more. Our goal is for your marketing to do what it does best- Create Marketing! Rather than introduce another complex software language for assembling playback lists, Zem Medias' approach is to keep things simple and visual.

As you learn the product and begin to understand how the basic functions work, you may drill down into the more complex characteristics of the software OR  use the basic funtionality for quick results.  Contact Zem Media for a demo of our truely amazing product.

Here is a sample of the basic Drag-drop and Play funtionality of Zem Media;  The most commonly used funtionality to add content to your player.