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Amazing Performance Reviews!

Dependable Hardware -- Zem Media players come with a 3 year warranty. In choosing the right hardware for Zem Media, performance and dependability are key. Las Vegas Nevada is a 24/7 city which means many of our clients never close. Digital signs need to be up and running without fail and choosing the right hardware would be critical to our success. Zem Media was looking for something that was durable, dependable, and affordable. We've tested our players to run 24/7. So far, we've passed 2 and 1/2 years (other than typical power fails) and are satisfied with our choice of hardware: an Intel Chipset with a solid state drive from Shuttle USA. The player has a solid frame (not plastic) and all of the inputs necessary (Cat5, HDMI, USB) are sturdy and make for solid connectivity. We've tested some models from other companies and have seen some issues with HDMI signal loss as well as overheating. The Zem Media hardware of choice out performed them all.



THE Most Cost Effective Turnkey Digital Media Solution on the Market!

The DigiBox is a complete out-of-the-box, comprehensive end-to-end Digital Signage Solution. Boasting at 48” LED, HDTV monitor with wall mount or adjustable display stand, and a shuttle player with unlimited access to Zem Media’s browser based Content Management System (CMS) for 2 years.

Zem DigiBox is:

Easy to Assemble – Simply follow the quick start guide included with your purchase. Plug into a power outlet, connect to the internet and upload/schedule dynamic content that will engage your customers!

Easy to Use – Log into the Zem CMS, pre-load images, video and audio content or use our templates to create instant presentations.

Easy to Schedule – Manage your content with our Day part and Advanced Scheduling options. Create and manage playlist as well as multiple devices/locations.

Take control of your marketing with The Zem Media DigiBox, an entire digital solution for one bundled price!