Zem Media Makes Striking Presence at NAC 2018 Conference

Zem Media Makes Striking Presence at NAC 2018 Conference

NAC 2018-The National ATM Council’s annual conference was recently held in Las Vegas.  The conference is focused and designed exclusively for America’s ATM owners, operators, and suppliers.  Zem Media’s presence at the conference was unprecedented.  Not only did the breathtaking booth display of Zem Media’s ATM Digital Toppers and Video Wall have the attention of conference attendees, Zem Media’s solution was also utilized and on display in five other organization’s booths.  ATM manufacturers Triton and Puloon showed the Topper on their respective ATMs.  Payment Alliance International (PAI), ATMPartMart.com, and GivePayCommerce also prominently displayed the Zem Media solution in support of their primary business.

However, it truly was Zem Media’s business announcements that captivated the audience.  First, the company announced that it was changing production of the ATM mount portion of their Topper solution from steel to ABS plastic.  Touting the strength of ABS, the increased ease of handling during installation, and the expected decrease in shipping costs, the industry embraced this news.

Zem Media also made two major partnership announcements which created a buzz in the conference hall.  An Integration Partnership with iTellio was announced that will allow for the availability of the iTellio Ad Network over Zem Media’s Digital ATM Toppers.  Zem Media customers will now have the option of displaying Advertisements from the iTellio Ad Network over their Zem Media Digital ATM Topper.  The addition of a nearly “built in” revenue stream to the product was welcomed with open arms.  Second, Payment Alliance International (PAI) and Zem Media announced the availability of Zem Media Digital Toppers for ATMs owned and/or operated through the PAI ATM network, meaning that PAI will act as a Zem Media VAR allowing their ISO’s to take advantage of the Zem Media ATM Digital Topper solution and PAI will deploy Zem Media ATM Digital Toppers on select ATM’s within their own network.

The National ATM Council Conference has become an annual meeting which Zem Media is happy to support.  Digital Signage is a natural solution to be interwoven with the ATM business.  As this blending of solutions continues to evolve, Zem Media will continue to bring the most current technical solutions to the market.  As many stated at the conference,

“The Zem Media Topper has set the STANDARD for the ATM industry.  Zem Media is the GO TO for ATM Toppers and Digital Signage Solutions.”


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