Monthly Management Services

Monthly Management Services




If you should decide to have Zem Media manage your content for you, we have the talent to help you succeed. Our Basic Monthly Managed Service Package includes the following per location:

Zem Media Layout
Zem Media Artwork
Zem Media Scheduling

Zem Media will work with your contact to deliver the absolute perfect capture of your companies design concept. With managed services, you will receive:  1 Approved Layout, which can be provided every 3 months.

Zem Media will work with your contact to deliver content, based on an approved layout.  With managed services, you will receive: 4 Approved Screens which can be provided every month.

Zem Media will work with scheduling and maintaining artwork to your digital signage as specified by your requests.  Customers may also choose to access their content at any time via the WEB-Portal. With managed services, you can request 1 CHANGE PER WEEK.  This request can include multiple timing issues across various slides and advertising.

If your content or needs are more demanding, Zem Media can help as well. Contact Zem Media for more information on our managed services!