Zem Media and iTellio Announce Integration Partnership for Delivery of National and Regional Advertising Campaigns

Zem Media Digital ATM Toppers add functionality in order to offer iTellio Ad Network.

Las Vegas, Nevada—October 16, 2018

Zem Media and iTellio today announced the availability of the iTellio Ad Network over Zem Media’s Digital ATM Toppers. Zem Media customers will now have the option of displaying Advertisements from the iTellio Ad Network over their Zem Media Digital ATM Topper.

“It’s almost as if our two solutions were made to work together,” said Joe Maneen, EVP-Global Business Development for Zem Media. “iTellio secures the advertising campaigns from national or regional brands. That advertising content is provided to Zem Media and we distribute it out to specific Zem Media Topper locations that meet the advertisers’ target audience profile.”


The service will be available for all Zem Media direct customers, as well as through all Zem Media Value Added Resellers.

“The two organization’s technical teams worked together to create a seamless integration that allows the iTellio Ad to be shown within the parameters of the Zem Media environment,” said Eric Fondren, CEO of iTellio. “The increase in the number of Ad-providing locations that Zem Media brings to the table will allow iTellio to provide more value to existing advertisers and potentially gain more advertisers.”


Zem Media currently has iTellio-provided advertisements running at locations in the Las Vegas Metro area. The service is available nationwide. Current customers and VARs are encouraged to contact their account representative for further details.

A demonstration of the solution can be seen at the Zem Media Booth at the National ATM Council (NAC) Conference in Las Vegas, October 16-18, 2018.

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About Zem Media

Zem Media is the Digital Marketing Solutions Division of JB Carter Enterprises, a 20 year old privately held company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, which also includes ATM Merchants Systems and Multi-Choice Cash.  Zem Media provides Digital Signage Solutions for all industry verticals and with the most dynamic, user friendly, scalable Content Management solution available today, gives customers the tools to get started with digital signage or to optimize their existing signage network.  Zem Media’s Professional Services Content Creation Department gives a company everything it needs to quickly and effectively take control over it’s digital marketing.  Zem Media is your End-to-End Digital Signage Solution Provider.


For further information, please contact:

Joe Maneen, Zem Media EVP-Global Business Development


About iTellio

Founded in 2011, iTell.io is a digital place-based advertising exchange. Our core product connects brands with targeted demographics and revives revenue streams for ATM operators.

We provide news, help, insights, and information in order to erase the mundane from people's daily lives.

Our unique advertising capabilities allow us to transform a traditional Automated Teller Machine into an interactive digital place-based advertising platform by way of the ATM screen as well as use of a digital touchscreen ATM topper.

Visit us online at www.itell.io  For further information contact Eric Fondren, CEO, Email:  eric@itell.io

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