Zem Media’s ATM Digital Topper Universal Mounting System now made with ABS Plastic!

Zem Media brings another innovation to the ATM Digital Topper market.

Las Vegas, Nevada—October 16, 2018

Zem Media, the digital signage solution provider who brought one of the most economical and user friendly content management systems to the digital signage world, and the maker of Zem Mount, a universal mounting system designed to quickly, easily, and economically bring digital signage to the world of ATMs by making it simple to add Digital Toppers to existing or new ATM installations, announces a major enhancement to the Digital Topper.

“We’ll now be making the mount using ABS plastic instead of steel,” said Mike Poggi, Zem Media’s General Manager. According to Poggi, “It’s as strong or stronger than the previous steel version and it is much easier to handle during installation.”


ABS is a thermoplastic polymer known for its impact resistance and toughness. The keys on a computer keyboard, power-tool housings, the plastic face-guard on wall sockets and LEGO toys, are all made from ABS plastic.

“Quality is important to us and we are not giving anything up by going with ABS,” says Robert Smith, Zem Media’s Service Manager, “And, because the ABS mount is about 12 pounds lighter than the steel version, our customers will realize significant savings in shipping costs.”


The Digital Topper solution also includes a 32” commercial grade HD LED Monitor and the Zem Media Player which is enclosed in the ABS plastic casing. The digital content is managed using Zem Media’s easy to use Content Management System. The ATM deployer can develop and use their own content, typically specifically purposed for the ATM location, or Zem Media’s Content Creation Team can assist.
Zem Media is introducing the ABS enhancement at the National ATM Council Conference in Las Vegas, October 16-18, 2018, and will be showing the product at Booth 422 in the Conference Exhibit Hall.

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About Zem Media

Zem Media is the Digital Marketing Solutions Division of JB Carter Enterprises, a 20 year old privately held company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, which also includes ATM Merchants Systems and Multi-Choice Cash.  Zem Media provides Digital Signage Solutions for all industry verticals and with the most dynamic, user friendly, scalable Content Management solution available today, gives customers the tools to get started with digital signage or to optimize their existing signage network.  Zem Media’s Professional Services Content Creation Department gives a company everything it needs to quickly and effectively take control over it’s digital marketing.  Zem Media is your End-to-End Digital Signage Solution Provider.


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