Restaurant and Bars


Zem Media Digital Signage Possibilities


  • Easy to change menu
  • Price changes, add & promote new items, delete old or sold out items
  • Up-to-date regulatory posting requirements
  • Central Management
  • Manage all signs for all locations centrally for simultaneous updates; Select locations can be managed locally
  • Remote update via internet
  • Attention grabbing graphics
  • Promote your high margin items
  • Zem Custom Widgets & Avatars available
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Use day-part scheduling to show different items based on time of day or day of week.
  • Schedule in advance
  • Enhance customer experience and reduce perceived wait time
  • Emergency Messaging
  • Display Amber Alerts or other Emergency Information
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No repeated printing of menu posters which means less trash in landfills
  • Cost effective
  • Eliminate recurring printing and shipping costs

Digital Signage installation nearly always leads to an increase in sales revenue!

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The Zem Media Digital Signage Solution

can be scalable to a comprehensive end-to-end package

Zem Media can provide the necessary equipment along with training, installation services and content development services based on your companies specific needs. It’s our flexible and agile software combined with our unique view of the industry that sets Zem Media apart from other companies.


You can feel confident that if you need service, someone is there to accept your call and provide assistance. We live in a 24/7 world. If you call for technical support, we will be there to answer your call.