Now Interfacing with Adilas POS Platform!

We Are Proud to Announce Our Successful Interface to Adilas POS Platform


Why Automate?

THE ISSUE:  Some industries have very volatile menus where inventory can evaporate in minutes as well as introduce new items. This type of constant, ever changing inventory levels, can make your digital menu display difficult and challenging to manage.  To stay on top of the changes, a business would need to dedicate employees to manage the inventory and update the digital menu.  Depending on the complexity of the menu, number of items, information, and pricing, this can be a very arduous task.

THE SOLUTION:  Interfacing to the POS (Point of sales) system to automatically rebuild your digital menu display when inventory changes is more than ideal!  When you combine the interfaced menu with Zem Medias Layered Marketing Playback, you can now focus on the marketing aspects of your product and let the menu inventory take care of itself.  This will save you lots of time as well as keep you focused on promoting products and services that have the most profitability.  Once again you’re in control of your digital onsite marketing.


Please contact Zem Media today to get information on how we may integrate into your POS system. Call 1-844-804-1395

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