About Our Zem Players

About Our Zem Players

Zem Media uses a Pull System

We believe your UP-TIME IS CRITICAL!

If your business loses internet connectivity, your Zem Player will continue to run as scheduled. The Zem Player has many fail-overs built into the programming to insure playback.

Tested Hardware

Outlasted and out-performed other tested systems

We've tested lots of software in 24/7, day-to-day environments.  The Shuttle Player outlasted and outperformed other tested systems.  Specs on our hardware can be found here.  Our players come with a 3 year warranty.

Easy To Install

Plug it in, turn it on.

Turn your player into a scheduled ready-to-go playback device without the use of a mouse or keyboard. All your player settings including screen size and orientation are quickly applied. Once the player is set up, all scheduling will be properly pulled down from the Zem Media Portal and monitored by Zem Connect.

Convenient Accessibility

Remotely control the signage

Our Zem Media Portal is entirely browser-based, allowing users  to remotely control their signage. This allows for convenient accessibility from the comfort of your desktop, laptop, in your office or anywhere you can access the internet. It is also a tremendous time-saving advantage versus manual updates or systems that require local software installation and maintenance.

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